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90+ Amazing Spring Blog Post Ideas To Get You Inspired Now

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I know how difficult it can be to find any blog post ideas, especially when you’re just starting out. So, that’s why I decided to share with you this collection of spring blog post ideas even though I’m not a big fan of ready-made lists like you might already know. Everyone gets hit with a creative block once in a while, and such blog post ideas can be very helpful to overcome it!

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I wanted those ideas to apply to almost everyone, so you can find here craft, travel, fashion, lifestyle blog post ideas and much more.

I took into consideration holidays and other events that are happening throughout the month. There’s a short list of holidays for each month, but bear in mind that they aren’t extensive by any means.

Let’s get started!

31 March blog post ideas

Spring blog post ideas: March

Holidays in March

1st March – St. David’s Day

2nd March – World Book Day

3rd March – World Wildlife Day

3rd Mar to 4th Mar 2023 – National Day of Unplugging

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6th Mar to 12th Mar 2023 – Food Waste Action Week

8th Mar 2023 – International Women’s Day

14th Mar 2023 – Pi Day

17th Mar 2023 – Red Nose Day

17th Mar 2023 – St. Patrick’s Day

18th Mar 2023 – Global Recycling Day

18th Mar 2023 – Robot Day

19th Mar 2023 – Mother’s Day (UK)

19th Mar 2023 – World Sleep Day

20th Mar 2023 – Spring Begins

21st Mar 2023 – Early Music Day

25th Mar 2023 – Earth Hour

26th Mar to 27th Mar 2023 – British Summer Time Begins

March blog post ideas

  1. World Book Day! Share your favourite books from your childhood.
  2. Do a “day in your life” post.
  3. Are you in a handmade niche? Make a round up of your favourite spring crafts.
  4. Remind your readers about Daylight Saving Time and share your tips on how to deal with a time change.
  5. How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  6. Unplug for the day. Or for the weekend. Share your experience.
  7. Spring has started! Share popular customs in your country.
  8. Gardening? Tell us how you got started and what your best tips are about creating your own little garden.
  9. Spring cleaning tips and tricks. 
  10. Share your best organisational or decluttering tips.
  11. Do a minimalism challenge and share your results.
  12. Share your travel bucket list or any other bucket list, really.
  13. Create a recipe for seasonal treats and share them. 
  14. Top 5 gift ideas for Mother’s Day
  15. How to lose weight in time for the summer.
  16. Your top tips for packing a suitcase.
  17. Best destinations for quick spring city break.
  18. Look back at your New Year’s resolutions – how are you doing?
  19. Fun outdoor activities.
  20. How to plan the perfect spring picnic.
  21. Share what you’re giving up for Lent and your reasons behind it.
  22. Classic Irish recipes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
  23. How to clean and declutter your closet.
  24. Journal prompts for March.
  25. Make a roundup of your favourite female content creators for International Women’s Day.
  26. March self care ideas.
  27. Write a recap of how the first quarter of the year treated you and plan your goals for second quarter of the year.
  28. Home DIY ideas to start in March.
  29. Share what books you’ve read in March and which one was your favourite.
  30. Share your tips to succeed staying offline for a day.
  31. Write about hidden gems in your area and why it’s worth to visit them.

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35 April blog post ideas (including 5 Easter blog post ideas)

Spring blog post ideas: April

Holiday in March

1st Apr 2023 – April Fool’s Day

2nd Apr 2023 – World Autism Awareness Day

7th Apr 2023 – Good Friday

9th Apr 2023 – Easter Day

9th Apr 2023 – Unicorn Day

10th Apr 2023 – Easter Monday

10th Apr 2023 – Siblings Day

13th Apr 2023 – National Scrabble Day

22nd Apr 2023 – Earth Day

23rd Apr 2023 – National Shakespeare Day

23rd Apr 2023 – St. George’s Day

23rd Apr 2023 – World Book Night

25th Apr 2023 – Penguin Day

29th Apr 2023 – International Dance Day

April blog post ideas

  1. Your outlook on April Fool’s Day and why you like / don’t like it.
  2. Share your best ideas for April Fool’s Day tricks.
  3. Take part in A-Z blogging challenge and share your experience.
  4. Share progress you’ve made towards your goals in the first quarter of the year and what helped you move forward.
  5. How to do your tax assessment.
  6. Create a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog.
  7. Write a travel guide for your town or the area you live in.
  8. Tips to organise your outdoor living space and make it cosy.
  9. Best outdoor places to visit this summer.
  10. Write a guide for all outdoor events that are happening this spring in your area.
  11. Share your capsule wardrobe must haves for spring.
  12. Ways to celebrate the Earth on April 22nd – Earth Day.
  13. Share your thoughts on positives of having a sibling for a Siblings Day.
  14. What are your tips for switching to a more sustainable lifestyle?
  15. Best farms and zoos to visit in your area this spring.
  16. Share your favourite ways of spending time outside during spring.
  17. Interview your favourite content creator.
  18. Write about the most memorable books you’ve read.
  19. Share your To-Be-Read list of books for World Book Night..
  20. Write about some unknown facts about yourself.
  21. Share “what’s in your travel bag” and why.
  22. Give your opinion on a controversial topic that’s been on your mind for long.
  23. Tips to deal with your taxes.
  24. Share your tips and tricks to make bookkeeping easier.
  25. Write about games that you should always take with you when you travel for National Scrabble Day.
  26. Share your tips on how to declutter your make up collection.
  27. Tips to have a minimalist house.
  28. How to organise your small business.
  29. Share your strategies to grow your blog.
  30. Share your favourite walking trails with maps and guides to follow.

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Easter blog post ideas

  1. Easter basket gift guide.
  2. Best travel destinations for Easter time.
  3. What to wear on Easter Sunday.
  4. Fun Easter crafts for kids.
  5. Easter traditions from different cultures – which ones are your favourite?

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31 May blog post ideas

Spring blog post ideas: May

Holiday in May

1st May 2023 – May Day

1st May 2023 – May Day Bank Holiday

1st May to 7th May 2023 – Screen-Free Week

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3rd May 2023 – World Laughter Day

4th May 2023 – Star Wars Day

5th May 2023 – Cinco De Mayo

6th May to 13th May 2023 – National Sun Awareness Week

6th May 2023 – Coronation of King Charles III

8th May 2023 – Coronation Bank Holiday

9th May 2023 – Europe Day

12th May 2023 – International Nurses Day

13th May 2023 – World Fair Trade Day

14th May 2023 – Mother’s Day (US)

14th May 2023 – National Children’s Day UK

18th May 2023 – International Museum Day

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20th May 2023 – World Bee Day

29th May to 2nd Jun 2023 – May Half Term

29th May 2023 – National Biscuit Day

29th May 2023 – Oakapple Day (Restoration Day)

29th May 2023 – Late Spring Bank Holiday

May blog post ideas

  1. Top places to visit in May.
  2. How to celebrate Mother’s Day as a family.
  3. Ways to celebrate the National Children’s Day.
  4. Share your outlook on Royal Family.
  5. What to do in London during the bank holiday weekend.
  6. Round up of all the events happening in your area during the Coronation weekend.
  7. Do a “get ready with me” post.
  8. Write about sunbathing and its negative effects for the National Sun Awareness Week.
  9. Do a round-up of your favourite SPF moisturisers.
  10. Attractions to see in your area in May.
  11. Create a local guide.
  12. Share what you do to keep your garden bee-friendly.
  13. Screen-free week? Go offline and share your experience.
  14. Go for a digital detox and write about your struggles and positive outcomes.
  15. Share your photo-editing process.
  16. Create a guide to Instagrammable places in your area.
  17. What activities can you do in May?
  18. Share your top tips for beginner bloggers.
  19. Why did you start blogging?
  20. What to do during May half term.
  21. Spring fashion trends.
  22. Your predictions to summer fashion trends.
  23. Your tips on how to be active in the spring.
  24. Light casual outfits for May.
  25. How to plan a fun getaway for summer.
  26. May decor ideas.
  27. How to keep your home light and cosy during spring.
  28. Journaling ideas for spring and summer.
  29. Share your best tips on how to reflect on your goals and create an action plan.
  30. Do a Q&A with your readers.
  31. Share your tips on how to get motivated to blog regularly.

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